About AntiguaList

My name is Jeff Blum and I started this site in 2008 after I spent 10 weeks studying Spanish in La Antigua, Guatemala. Originally, I intended it to be sort of a Craigslist for Antigua and it functioned for many years that way. Unfortunately, spammers found a way to beat the software I was using and the feature never really became very popular so I removed that functionality. I also originally intended to make the site a user-driven directory of hotels, restaurants, schools, etc. That was before TripAdvisor and similar sites became so popular and before most of the local hostels and hotels had websites or joined the various online booking sites. And again, that functionality ever really took off.


After years of neglect, I have redesigned and relaunched the site to focus on my original draw to Antigua—studying Spanish. Here you will find what I believe to be the biggest directory of Spanish schools in Antigua. You will find useful information for each and you can leave a review if you have studied at one previously. The site is not really monetized (I do have Adsense ads, but no paid school placements) so I have no reason to promote any particular school over another. If I have missed a school, you can add it yourself or just send me a message and I will add it. I hope you find the site useful and please do add your own review once you have finished studying at one of these schools.