A Directory of Spanish Language Schools in La Antigua, Guatemala

Why Use AntiguaList? There have been quite a few directories of Spanish schools in Antigua over the years and some of them are still popular, but I haven’t seen a single one that has anything close to updated listings.

Check Out My Other Site: Assuming you are interested in learning Spanish, you might find another site I run, Dado Que worth a visit. There you will find tons of great free resources and content to aid your Spanish study. Especially useful (IMHO) is the complete Spanish grammar guide, the full text and exercises for the Spanish learning novel Noche Oscura en Lima and an article I wrote on how to choose a good Spanish school.

Schools (Sorted by Rating)

Cima del Mundo (CDM)

Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School

Antigüeña Spanish Academy

Academia Colonial

Escuela de Español “Cooperación”